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You are our prestigious clients and we do value your experience of using our website and have in place the following policies for your benefits:

Privacy Policy:

All the information and data you have shared with us by using our website or subscribing to our website as a registered user will remain strictly confidential except for those data and information which is available in public domain, however, for the purpose of our marketing and sales promotion, we shall be promoting the deals you have availed through our website on social media. We shall not be hold responsible for those data and information, which has not been restricted by you in social media for sharing with general public. Should you like to restrict certain of your information and data not to be shared, please do write to us at info@dot5.pk and we will make sure that your restricted data is kept confidential from general public.

Refund Policy:

We have a policy that “our valued customers are our assets” and we would like you to share your views on your experience by using our website and the deals we have placed in order to bring improvement and to come upto your expectations. We always want you to have a great experience with Dot5.pk – online shopping mart. That’s why we have the Refund Policy. If you use our coupons / vouchers before its promotional value expires and are disappointed by your experience, we will work with you to find out the reasons and will address your concerns to make it right in future.

In addition, we will always honor your refund requests if a business closes permanently, damaged or defective goods have been delivered, an event is canceled or rescheduled, or a business refuses to accept your unremembered coupons / voucher etc.

Please do write to us on our email. Give us maximum of four to five working days to ensure we satisfy you to the best of our abilities

As you browse Dot5.pk – online shopping mart and other websites, online ad networks we work with may place anonymous cookies on your computer, and use similar technologies, in order to understand your interests based on your (anonymous) online activities, and thus to tailor more relevant ads to you. If you do not wish to receive such tailored advertising, you can visit this page to opt out of most companies that engage in such advertising. (This will not prevent you from seeing ads; the ads simply will not be delivered through these targeting methods.)

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